Saturday, December 3, 2016

What's new in Alexx's Designs - New Freebies

What's new in Alexx's Designs
Passwords for SOME accounts created before Nov.26.16 were damaged while performing routine maintenance and need to be manually reset (once) by admin. You will NOT be able to log in without a reset.

Please send me an email (, so I can make a temporary password.

You will be emailed back as soon as possible.
Thank you, Alex.

2017 Calendars 
50%off limited time
Languages: English - Portuguese - Spanish
Check the language before buying.
The downloaded calendar will be not replaced by error in
the purchase.

Freegift with USD$8.00 in Purchase
With a Purchase of USD$8.00, in Alexx's Designs Store, you'll be receiving this gift. The gift will be available in your account to download at a maximum in 24hours after purchase. (Please, don't put it in your car).
December Daily Download
*Daily Download - December/2016*
Download available: 12:00AM - 11:59PM (UTC-05:00)
Eastern Time (US & Canada)

*** The Daily Download parts will be on sale only until the 2nd of next month.
After that, it'll be removed from the store.***
Days 1-4: will be available for download until 4th.
After 4th: downloads will become just referring to the day of download.
Buy HERE the complete kit with discount between December 1-7.

Freebies Alert!!!
Newsletter Freebie Store: Green Christmas Greeting Card (1) by Alexx's Designs EXCLUSIVE TO CUSTOMERS AT ALEXX'S DESIGNS STORE - subscribers until December 2. LIMITED TIME.

New Freebie Newsletter: Green Christmas Greeting Card (2) by Alexx's Designs 
Sent to everyone who signed the newsletter until December 2, through Alexx's Designs Store, Alexx's Designs Blog or Alexx's Designs Facebook Fan Page. LIMITED TIME.

Facebook FanPage Freebie(linked image)

Friday, November 25, 2016



After a long time, I finally managed to change my host provider.
I had migrated to a host where I was not able to update the database.
After a lot of fighting, I managed to send my domain to another host, 
and now the store is working well.
During your purchase, your product may happen to be without the download link. 
But do not worry, because I will be checking your purchase the same day, and fixing any errors.

Unfortunately, during this period when the store was disabled, I was unable to develop any new projects because I had personal problems. I was also promoted at the school where I study English. I ran out of time, because 
I had to spend more time studying to reach the other students.
But today, I'm finishing 3 kits for next week, and gradually I'll be organizing the store better.

And here's my Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

You find it in my store.
(click here) 


Hugs, Alex.


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